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Welcome Y'all.

Updated: Apr 20

Since my last foray into blogging/online journaling/soul spilling, much has changed in my world (I mean, whose hasn't!). I'm going to spend a few posts catching up and then set the stage for what comes next. I'll be sharing the updates across what psychologists call life "domains". So, expect a career post, a family post, etc.

Much of what I'll share I've never shared outside my home, but I figure the audience of this blog might end up being 1 or less... so what's the risk? Plus, I figure a little radical honesty is called for in a world of Instagram deceit, highlight reels and pseudo positivity.

If you are offended, unnerved, curious, interested or bored by what I've got to say, you are welcome to send me a note at I'll either reply with nothing, a thank you, a nerdy rant or perhaps I'll just tell you to fork off. Chances are it won't come to the latter, but they're greater than they used to be.

They say the moment you stop looking for something is when you find it... well I'm not looking for anything but an outlet for my thoughts, traumas, interests, and a little bit in between. Perhaps I'll find something else entirely, and you're welcome along for the ride.

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