• Stephen Stanton

The Long and Winding Ro-ad

There's this movie from the 90s called Black Sheep, starring Chris Farley and David Spade. One of the best comedies of the era. At one point, the two characters show just how silly a regular word can be (especially when accidentally high on nitrous oxide). I'd like to think combining the heavy "Long and Winding Road" concept of life with the totally preposterous idea of two guys in a cop car inhaling nitrous and pontificating on the sounds of words is a pretty apt description of the last couple of years. Here's the clip:

I think this post is really just a chance to describe something we'll all feel at one point or another, and that is that nothing is really in our control. You pick a ro-ad, not knowing how long or winding it'll be.

Here's a little bit about my winding road for the last few years.

  • Received a diagnosis of Meniere's Disease

  • Parents divorced

  • Dad committed suicide

  • Estranged from sisters

  • Major burnout at work

  • Lost all faith in deity

  • Mental health cratered

  • Lost most friendships

  • Dog of 11 years passed away

That's some pretty difficult stuff. However, there's also been great stuff too:

  • Got a new job

  • Moved to Texas

  • Became totally debt free

  • Got a year off of working thanks to COVID

  • Mom got remarried

  • Got off all medications

  • Found new interests and pursuits

When you find the road is getting steep, narrow and the sun goes down, I find it is good to look for something to help you keep holding onto the steering wheel, white-knuckled and all.

For example, what HASN'T changed?

  • My marriage, despite ups and downs, is still going strong

  • I get to be a dad to two awesome kids that make me feel like life is worth living

  • I've met a lot of good therapists

  • ... that's probably about it


So, what's my point? Life is hard, everyone gets hit with crap, so what? Yeah, I guess I don't really have a point, except to say: I get it. Your life might look like mine in terms of lots changing, bad stuff happening, fighting to stay anchored, and more. At least you can read this and know you're not an anomaly. None of us are. We're all a bunch of unique little snowflakes that are really just like the other millions of snowflakes--subject to wind, temperature and nature's whims.

Now, go watch Black Sheep.

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